Vitamin D3 Feed Grade

  • Vitamin D3 500 Feed Grade

    Vitamin D3 500 Feed Grade

    Vitamin D3 500 Feed Grade used as feed additives in feed industry. Mainly used in feed premix mixed with powders.
    Molecular mass:384.64 g/mol (Atomic Weights of theElements 2007)
    Vitamin D3(powder form) consists of beige or
    yellow-brown, free-flowing beadlets.The powder particlescontain vitamin Da(cholecalciferol)dissolved in edible fatsfinely indroplets of 0.5-2 um embedded in a matrix ofgelatin and sucrose, and coated with starch. The productcontains BHT (2,6-Di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol) as anantioxidant.
    Product ldentification
    Vitamin D3 (powder form) is a beige or yellow-brown fineglobular, free-flowing granular powder. lt uses specialmicroencapsulation, manufactured in GMP grade100.000 clarification plant. These greatly decreased thesensibility of oxygen, heat, light and humidity.

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