Business Philosophy

Business philosophy - people-oriented


Mindfulness: A person who is upright, a company that is upright, and a business that is upright.


Altruism: Benefiting customers, benefiting suppliers, benefiting employees, benefiting the environment, benefiting the society... Respecting the interests of customers and suppliers, standing on the opposite side of the cube, thinking that the other party did not think, doing everything they can to do what they want, to benefit Maximize and share together to find a win-win!


Houde: Being a qualified corporate citizen, responsible for promoting social safety and health, protecting the environment and sustainable use of resources, Dehou is also the only way for a company to grow in business, but this is all of us. A responsibility!

Our spirit

Calm innovation, pragmatic and skillful. Innovative spirit and horizontal thinking are the effective guarantee for our future development!

Core value

Work happily and enjoy life!

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